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Here is another case of police not taking threats seriously and innocent people dying because they did. Weeks before the El Paso shooter entered the Walmart parking lot, his mother called the police to notify them that her son had bought an AK-47 and she was afraid of what he might be up to. She …

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If you read the story without knowing where it took place, you could probably guess it was in Portland. People there are crazy. They try to be so politically correct, they don’t even bother to get the facts before they are ready to protest and demand the cop be tried for murder. You will read …

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Recently, Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, was stopped by a policeman. He jumped out of his car and began firing at the officer. His shots hit the windshield and the body of the patrol car, but fortunately, the officer was unscathed. He then took off but was caught later. It has now been confirmed that he is one …

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If only he had said something relevant to give them a clue.

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