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Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq blasted Ilhan Omar for trying to push Sharia law on the United States. Idan got herself in trouble during the beauty pageant when she took a picture with Miss Israel. She now lives in the United States and she is proud of this country which is much more than you …

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The ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ is dressing up its people in blue police-like uniforms and give them cruisers that are identical to the same ones used by NYC police. They remind me of the Sharia Police that are used in other parts of NY. Things are beginning to look like a Sharia Law enforcement operation. The ‘Muslim Community …

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Google has approved an app in countries that recognize Sharia Law. It willow Muslims to report blasphemy and can lead to 5 years in prison. Google will in effect help Muslims send people to prison for speech. At the same time that Google is banning and censoring Christians, they are happily working with countries that …

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First Texas and Arkansas, now perhaps these four states!

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