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On the Sean Hannity Show on Thursday night, Hannity asked President Trump if he was planning on declassifying the FISA applications and the 302s from the FBI. Then the president said something shocking. He said there were other documents to be released. Is there documents that we don’t already know about? And what do they …

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Ever since his election, President Trump has had to deal with an out of control Deep State. He has fought them but he gets little help from his cabinet or the Republicans in the Senate. In 2018, the only incumbent Senators who lost were NeverTrumpers. Think about that. Sean Hannity is now saying that his …

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Democratic Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I wants Sean Hannity to appear before his committee and testify under oath. During his interview with President Trump, Sean Hannity said that Michael Cohen told him that he paid the hush money to the two women without notifying Trump. Cicilline says if that is the truth, he needs to come …

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In what has to be the biggest news so far in the election scandal, Rep Devin Nunes says that there is clear evidence that the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians. In a way it’s shocking but in another way it makes perfect sense. I have written several times in the past that it made …

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Hannity’s got some big things brewing!

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I commend Sean Hannity for this action.

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