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Too often over the past few years, sanctuary cities and states have refused to recognize ICE detainers, with those illegals going on to commit more crimes , including heinous murders. Under the new bill being offered by Sen Thom Tillis (R) NC, they would become financially responsible when they make the conscientious decision to set …

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Florida Governor Jim De Santis signed a bill into law on Friday that outlaws sanctuary cities in the state of Florida. What this means quite simply that no city or county can set themselves up to protect illegal aliens and any city or country official that tries to establish such on their own can be …

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Even the Democrats realize that a large majority of voters are against sanctuary cities and open borders. That is why they are telling their candidates to play down the threats to jobs and American’s safety and to change the subject just as quickly as they can. Except in the dark blue districts and the Koch …

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It’s time we held liberal politicians responsible when they break the law.

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