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The main argument that Democrats, the media and Hollywood nimrods use to prove collusion is the meeting at Trump Tower and the Russians in attendance. But, every Russian at that meeting is tied to Hillary, not to the Trump. They are tied to Fusion GPS, the company that Hillary and the DNC hired to write …

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We always suspected that the Hillary campaign was behind the notorious meeting at Trump Tower and now we know it to be a fact and not merely conjecture. We knew that the female Russian lawyer was working with Fusion GPS and now we know there were three people  (All Russians) in that meeting connected to …

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If the Russian threat was so great, why was a stand-down order issued?

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In what has to be the biggest news so far in the election scandal, Rep Devin Nunes says that there is clear evidence that the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians. In a way it’s shocking but in another way it makes perfect sense. I have written several times in the past that it made …

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