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The real issue, and the one they are overlooking is, the questionable legality of these leaks.

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Donald Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama ever thought of being. That’s puzzling because according to Democrats, he’s being blackmailed over golden showers in a seedy Russian hotel. The Democrats are out there every day claiming that the president is being too soft on Russia. Yeah, remember that time Trump told Russia he …

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If he thinks this is going to end the way he wants it, he doesn’t know The Donald!

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Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General has ordered the Justice Department to review the Uranium One case that was covered up by the head of the FBI and current persecutor Robert Mueller. FBI agents will be interviewed by the DOJ prosecutors and they will be required to answer questions about the investigation and why the documents …

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While Kim Jong Un is continuing to try to find the gas pedal in his own ICBM program, Russia has just upped the ante.  Big time. North Korea, whose expressed purpose is the total nuclear annihilation of the United States, has had trouble in recent weeks getting their rockets further than stone’s throw from their …

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