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Roger Stone’s longtime attorneys have sent letters to the judiciary committees in both the House and the Senate for investigation. CNN has said it was purely by luck that the showed up at Stone’s house for the raid. However,  CNN’s Sara Murray provided Stone’s attorney with a draft copy of the indictment in an early morning …

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Lindsay Graham, Senator from South Carolina, has demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray explain the over the top raid his agents delivered to Roger Stone. It was more extreme than they are when they raid the home of a drug dealer. Usually, in these cases, they just call and ask when you can come in …

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CNN is bragging that they have exclusive footage of the arrest of Roger Stone. But, how did they get it. The CNN photographer said that he swung by Stone’s house on a hunch. Gee, even their photographers are purveyors of fake news. If you believe that he had a hunch, I need to talk to …

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Roger Stone is accusing dirty cop Mueller’s team of harassment. He says they questioned his temporary maid and asked her about Stone’s ties to Russia. I’m sure Stone would hide his relations from everyone but his temporary maid. They’ve even rummaged through his garbage. Knowing this, Stone could have a lot of fun with Mueller’s …

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Rudy Giuliani says that Mueller is withholding the plea deal with Manafort because he won’t testify that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. We already know that Roger Stone was told that Mueller would back off, if he would lie about the president. Ditto, Jerome Corsi. Cohen made the deal …

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Jerome Corsi has agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller. He has been interrogated at length by the special counsel’s office, who became tired of Corsi not pinning any crimes on Roger Stone. Corsi claims he can’t tell Mueller what he doesn’t know. Stone says his friend Corsi has been under tremendous pressure from Mueller, who …

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Mueller won’t find anything, because there is nothing to find.

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From Day One, Donald Trump Jr was up front and cooperative on the meeting so what gives?

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This is why I believe that tort reform is necessary.

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