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Rod Rosenstein is no longer in charge of the Mueller witch hunt and on top of that, his protector, Jeff Sessions was fired by Trump. Sessions said a couple of times that he would resign if Rosenstein was fired. It’s Rosenstein’s turn to do the same. He is heading to the White House and he …

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As pressure mounts on Mueller to put up or shut up, his office is indicating that they will put out a report after the midterm elections, explaining where they are at with the Russia collusion probe and obstruction of justice by President Trump. This could be a short report if it’s honest. But, I think …

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House Committee chair Bob Goodlatte has announced that he will subpoena Rod Rosenstein after Rosenstein was a no-show last week. The committee wants to question him about volunteering to wear a wire to tape President Trump and for trying to recruit cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein said it was just a joke, …

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But Rosenstein resigning could turn into a nightmare for the Senate…

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The nightmare for Republicans will be if Rosenstein does not resign or get fired.

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For the sake of the law and America, a resignation or a firing should occur.

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It’s good when the bad guys start going after each other.

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