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Joe Biden is heading towards his third failed campaign for president after disastrous gaffes and an even worse debate performance. He went from first place in the polls to third place behind Lizzie Warren and Kamala Harris. Warren leads the pack at 22% and Harris right behind at 21%. Creepy Joe Biden finished third at …

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Gallup Polling checked all 50 states found that there are only 6 states where liberals outnumber conservatives. Considering how far to the left Democrats are moving, they could be in real trouble in 2020. They will solidify their radical base but it could cause the biggest crossover vote since Ronald Reagan’s reelection. Not all Democratic …

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The polling numbers for President Trump’s SOTU speech are off the chart and Democrats are not happy campers today. The overall approval ratings is a resounding 76% and his ideas on immigration are 72%. That is not the results the media and the Democrats were expecting. 59% viewed the president’s speech as “very positive” Even …

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I remember the good old days when liberals only accused white Republicans of racism, but in today’s world, everyone who disagrees with liberals is a  racist. This is never more apparent than the argument over the caravans. Mexicans are being accused of being racists and xenophobic because they oppose the caravans who used force to …

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I mean… the poll displays a REALLY GOOD point

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I guess voters don’t go by reasonable doubt.

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