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Right now, Gen Michael Flynn is being scrutinized for his work for Turkey and his failure to register as an agent for a foreign country. Fair enough. But, Tony Podesta worked as an agent for Turkey, too and also did not register, yet no one ha s bankrupted him like they have Flynn. And this …

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Rudy Giuliani says that Mueller is withholding the plea deal with Manafort because he won’t testify that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. We already know that Roger Stone was told that Mueller would back off, if he would lie about the president. Ditto, Jerome Corsi. Cohen made the deal …

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Manafort is sitting in solitary confinement because of his involvement with the former government of Ukraine. But, he wasn’t the only one involved. The Podesta brothers worked with Manafort and both are free as a bird. The Podesta brothers decided the former president of Ukraine needed publicity, so they arranged to have Obama, Hillary Clinton, and …

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You already knew about Podesta but you probably had no knowledge of Craig.

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At this point, both the jury and the judge seem to be very skeptical of Gates

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How do you keep the players straight without a program?

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