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And I predicted in my article about San Francisco naming the NRA a domestic terror group, the NRA has filed a suit against the city of San Francisco asking the court to order San Francisco to rescind the designation on First Amendment grounds. The NRA also pointed out that San Francisco plans to deny work …

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I see the lawsuits flying. Even in California, it would be almost impossible for a judge to find the NRA complicit in mass shootings. The NRA normally does not let things like this slide, so it will be interesting to see what they do after the San Francisco city council unanimously voted to label them …

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The Supreme Court has taken it’s first 2nd Amendment case in 10 years. They will hear the NRA’s case against New York’s unconstitutional gun laws. You can only get a pistol with a license and you can only keep it in your house and can’t take it out of the house except to go to …

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Is self-defense now an intentional act of wrongdoing?

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This is the kind of confrontation every conservative dreads.

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