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New information on the actions of the Ohrs prove investigation into Trump collusion started back in December of 2015. The FBI and James Comey have insisted that it started in July of 2016. That means Comey lied under oath. From what we’ve learned so far, lying under oath seems to be a regular practice for …

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On May 4 top Italian spies were forced to resign and the rumors at the time was it was due to their involvement in the Obama Spygate scandal. Now, we have new evidence that it is much more than a rumor. More from Nellie Ohr confirms what many suspected. It started in Italy and their …

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Nellie Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS and whose husband was a high ranking DOJ official who passed her information on to the FBI admitted that she was rooting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and that she would not have been comfortable doing opposition research against her. That information was false by the …

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I have a feeling, there will be a lot of Fifth Amendments flying around if they do show up.

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Seems like Donald Trump is the only one without connections to Russia…

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The fact that the media is ignoring this is even more of a reason to dig in!

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Nellie Ohr will be testifying soon to the House Judiciary Committee

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