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Police have arrested five MS-13 gang members (Likely illegals) in the death of a sixteen year old boy. The coroner says he was stabbed over 100 times, his body set on fire and then dumped miles away. Police say they don’t know the motive yet, but the boys mother said it was because he wanted …

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The lawyers for the accused murderer of Mollie Tibbetts want his trial moved to another county, where the minority is in the majority and he has a better chance of going free than he would in the county where he committed the murder. Bahena-Rivera, an illegal alien from Mexico, told the police that he chased …

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Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) may face severe criminal charges if it is determined that their equipment is at fault and caused California’s deadliest wildfire, the Camp Fire, that killed 86 people, burned 150,000 acres of land and destroyed 19,000 structures. PG&E is running an internal investigation, even as California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, filed documents Friday …

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Pelosi must be getting ready to go on the warpath…; lol

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If only he had said something relevant to give them a clue.

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