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Michael Cohen cried like a baby when he found out he would be going to prison for three years for an entire variety of crimes, unrelated to President Trump. It is doubtful that anything he gave Mueller would be able to be used in court because Cohen is an unreliable witness, with a lot to …

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Michael Cohen is probably going to prison for 5 or 6 years after federal prosecutors said that he had continually lied and showed no remorse over the crimes he committed while operating a cab company. He had asked for no prison time because of all of his cooperation. The good news for Trump is that …

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The Deep State is alive and well. What further proof do you need and this right here!?

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I wonder if anyone will investigate Clinton and Podesta after reading this?

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The media keeps saying Trump will fire Mueller, but why should he? Mueller makes him look better every time he strikes out.

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