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In what could be old news by now, the office of the IG of the DOJ said that phones belonging to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were scrubbed clean before being turned over to GOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. However, the Conservative Tribune is reporting that 20,000 additional texts were recovered from the four devices …

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House Committee chair Bob Goodlatte has announced that he will subpoena Rod Rosenstein after Rosenstein was a no-show last week. The committee wants to question him about volunteering to wear a wire to tape President Trump and for trying to recruit cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein said it was just a joke, …

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The president is rumored to be getting to declassify documents. This could be all for Rosenstein.

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Be aware, if you lie or contradict your proffer, your immunity goes away.

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Congress should now be very suspicious about the redacted documents they are getting from the FBI and DOJ.

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Sounds like they are getting serious up there on Capitol Hill.

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The texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok show an obvious bias and she has a lot to answer for.

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