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Racist Don Lemon says that the biggest terror threat in this country are white conservative men. Since 1978 only one person was killed by a white man engaged in terror and that was the woman that was hit by a car in Charlottesville. And even that is questionable since some witnesses say the man driving …

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Attributed to anonymous third party information no less…

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I usually hate to see anyone get totally embarrassed on the national stage but in Omarosa’s case, I’ll make an exception

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President may have overestimated her when he called her a lowlife. He should have added liar, too.

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The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump has told aides that he wants James Comey investigated and charged. Comey, who is a proven leaker has been touring the country telling everybody how moral he is. The fact that no one is laughing, I attribute to the fact that no one has gotten the punchline. At …

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Michael Wolff, the disgraced author of Fire and Fury, made a confession on Monday that destroys all credibility of his book. Although he claimed that the vice president and the cabinet all think President Trump is loopy, never talked to a single one of them. How could they have told him these things if they …

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