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When he appeared before congress. Michael Cohen claimed that he never wanted to work in the White House and that he was offered several jobs but turned them down because he wanted to stay out of Washington. Now, watch this interview from 3 years ago and tell us what you think. In the video, Cohen …

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Every time he talks, his story changes. And why not, he talks whenever he gets caught in a previous lie. So then he talks again and waits for that lie to be exposed. Nathan Phillips is not a Viet Nam veteran as he claims. He was a refrigeration mechanic, stationed stateside and who went AWOL …

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Racist Don Lemon says that the biggest terror threat in this country are white conservative men. Since 1978 only one person was killed by a white man engaged in terror and that was the woman that was hit by a car in Charlottesville. And even that is questionable since some witnesses say the man driving …

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I usually hate to see anyone get totally embarrassed on the national stage but in Omarosa’s case, I’ll make an exception

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President may have overestimated her when he called her a lowlife. He should have added liar, too.

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The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump has told aides that he wants James Comey investigated and charged. Comey, who is a proven leaker has been touring the country telling everybody how moral he is. The fact that no one is laughing, I attribute to the fact that no one has gotten the punchline. At …

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