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North Korean President Kim Jong Un sent President Trump towards the end of August that contained an invitation for him to go to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea for talks on denuclearization and sanctions relief. I don’t know if the Secret Service would approve of that but if they did, Trump would be the …

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President Trump agreed to meet in the DMZ between the two Koreas and he took the few steps required that put him in North Korea. The first time a US president has done so. He met with Kim Jong Un and they talked for a while with no details being released as of this time. …

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As President Trump gets set to meet with Kim Jong Un for the second time, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo says that President Trump will abandon the Obama policy of praying and cowering before the North Korean leader. What a nightmare for the Democrats. They were sorely hoping that Trump would be as big a …

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The last 3 presidents said they wanted to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, but Trump actually did it. The last three presidents wanted North Korea to give up its nukes, but it will be Trump that actually does it.

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Why wasn’t winning this easy for our previous President?

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The summit has now ended and for Donald Trump, it was a successful one. He was able to get Kim Jong-un to sign an agreement calling for total denuclearization. It’s way too early to consider it a done deal but without that agreement future meetings could prove fruitless. The two leaders seemed to have found …

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This historic meeting was a far cry from the nearly 70 years of enmity between our nations

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Up until now, all we knew about Kim Jong-un was nothing more than guesswork but after meeting with Kim twice, Mike Pompeo has formed some opinions of him through their interactions. It is always good to know something about those you are about to negotiate with, especially with something as important as nuclear weapons. That …

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One of the main things Kim requires to denuclearization is huge and quite telling…

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