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John Huber didn’t show up for the congressional hearings after the Deep State at the DOJ refused to let him testify. One witness said he had to send Huber his evidence three times because they kept losing it. We need someone at the DOJ who will allow the truth to come out. Matt Whitaker has …

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Judicial Watch (JW) says that the FBI may have deleted the text messages of James Comey and Andrew McCabe. But, in case they didn’t, JW is suing the FBI for their possession. The FBI claims that they are not obligated to turn them over to anyone. That may change after the election. Trump will fire …

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In a case between Judicial Watch (JW) and the State Department over documents in the Hillary email scandal, the judge has turned hostile against State Department lawyers, after it became obvious that they had lied to him about the availability of those documents. In a previous hearing, he had okayed limited disclosure and now he …

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Every time there was a leak or a shady deal going down, Brennan seems to be in the middle.

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