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John Solomon just wrecked the entire Democratic impeachment inquiry in one fell swoop. The alleged phone call Trump made to restart the Biden investigation was in July. However, Ukraine reopened the Biden investigation in February, five full months before the phone call. Why would Trump have to threaten Ukraine to do something they were already …

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Just when you thought the FBI could not get more corrupt, they do. Investigative reporter John Solomon has revealed that some particularly damning evidence was in his hands during the Hillary sham investigation. Not only did Comey refuse to examine it, but he also would not let his investigators see it either. Isn’t that called …

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John Solomon has a great track record at uncovering corruption among the FBI, DOJ and the Obama administration and now he lists 10 declassified documents that will blow the Russia conspiracy theory right out of the water. Fortunately, the corrupt people heading the hoax were so certain of a Hillary victory in 2016 that they …

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If I were the suspicious type I would believe this information was leaked now to prevent Strzok from testifying.

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