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Expect Sessions to be fired right after the midterm election.

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Sessions “woke from his nap” in order to unveil a new division of the DOJ

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The House is trying to get information on one specific person and here’s what Sessions did with that request…

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But he has had many chances to do the right thing but has not taken advantage of a single one of them.

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The libs will be freaking out over these new orders, but so what?

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faux AG Jeff Sessions has refused to appoint a special counsel to investigate the growing scandal on the spying warrants applied for by the FBI and the DOJ. Instead he handed it off to Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General for the DOJ. Now, Trey Gowdy along with Rep Bob Goodlatte have sent Sessions a scathing …

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Add this to the long list of investigations and prosecutions of the Deep State rebuffed.

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Secret meetings of Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have been held in order to sort out the corruption within the FBI and the DOJJ after it became apparent that AG Jeff Sessions does not have the cojones for the job. Although their main focus is on the fake Trump dossier, there are other …

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