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I do not find this shocking, not after what we have discovered over the last three years. Lou Dobbs has reported on a story, originally from the Gateway Pundit that ties Crowdstrike, the company that claims the DNC servers were hacked by the Russians without a shred of proof, The Atlantic Council and dirty cop …

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The web is getting wider, Crowdstrike, the company that declared that the Russians hacked the DNC servers has close ties to James Clapper. It all revolves around the Atlantic Council. Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRL): are the ones who determined that the DNC server was hacked by the Russians in less than one day. That …

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These insiders know Clapper and Brennan best and they don’t trust them, so why should you?

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Now that the FISA applications are making their rounds, there will be a lot of new things coming to light.

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Barnes says that what CNN’s tapper did is worse than what Julian Assange is accused of.

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yet another in a long line of Obama appointees.

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