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After weighing the pros and cons, the choice was clear…

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There is a very big difference between what Hillary did and what Trump is doing.

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Hillary has nothing new to offer and We The People look forward to her becoming a three-time loser.

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Once again it was up to President Trump to fix the issue himself

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The entire ‘FBI investigation’ into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server was a complete sham.

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We have been told that there is no evidence that any foreign power had breached Hillary’s illegal server but that turns out to be a lie. Fox News has obtained documents from the House to be used to question IG Horowitz with next week and not only does it show that her server was breached …

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Dan Backer, an attorney based in Virginia, has sued over the plan to money launder contributions to Hillary for as much as $300,000 in order to circumvent federal laws on contributions. Donors would give money to the state parties who would then send the money to the DNC, who would then send the money on …

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