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Kamala Harris wants to be Gun Confiscator in Chief. She has already said she would issue an Executive Order for gun control, which means she will, by herself decide what guns you can own and if you have a legal weapon that she decides should be banned. She will send the Gestapo to your home …

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A man in New Zealand had his airsoft pellet guns and crossbow confiscated even though neither are on the list for confiscation. When he was asked why he was told it was because he is a risk because he is a right-winger. New Zealand is panicking because one nutcase shot up a mosque and now …

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New Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is wasting no time in attacking the Second Amendment, pushing for a law that will allow gun confiscation. It is what is known as a red flag law that will allow a judge to issue a confiscation order or allow a family member to accuse a gun owner of being …

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I could be wrong but get the wrong cop or judge and you can lose a constitutional right.

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When Obama signed his Executive Orders on firearms look who he surrounded himself with.

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