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The more we learn about dirty cop, Robert Mueller, the more we see just how politically motivated he truly was. The latest case in point is that we now know that Mueller paid outside groups 732k but won’t reveal who got the money. This becomes even more suspicious after there was speculation that Mueller had …

Freedom Caucus member Mark Meadows says he is considering issuing criminal referrals against members of Fusion GPS for perjury. This would be the second set of criminal referrals that Meadows has sent to the FBI, although he did not name the ones he was referring, one of them is sure to be Fusion founder Glenn …

I have a feeling, there will be a lot of Fifth Amendments flying around if they do show up.

The fact that the media is ignoring this is even more of a reason to dig in!

It’s beginning to appear that there was collusion in this election after all

He’s determined to get to the bottom of this!