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Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democrats are suing President Trump over funding for the border wall. Democrats are adamantly opposed to keeping Americans safe when it may interfere with the invasion of millions of illegal aliens. Pelosi and the Democrats claim that it is illegal for Trump to spend money from other sources. The funny …

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The GOP senators say they can fund the bill by cutting off benefits to undocumented people in the US.

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It’s no secret that Soros and his many groups are anti-Semitic and would love nothing more than to see Israel wiped off the face of the planet. It probably comes from his work with the Nazis in his native Hungary. But, what we have just learned is that the Merkel government has been funding similar …

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President Trump is indicating that he is willing to shut down the government over funding for the border wall. The problem is, he didn’t act when he had leverage. Now, he has no leverage and the Democrats have no incentive to act because the Republicans passed and the president signed all the spending bills except …

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