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It’s not a shock the Hill should be fired because that goes without saying. What is shocking is that CNN did it. Usually when one of their hosts say something truly heinous, they get a contract extension. Maybe they figured they lost the rating war against Spongebob Squarepants with him, they can lose to him …

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The FBI fired NeverTrumper Peter Strzok, today, allegedly over his text messages with a lover, Lisa page. The FBI hasn’t released the reason for the firing yet. Perhaps it’s the same as McCabe’s. McCabe was fired for lack of candor by lying to investigators… Or maybe because of the way the Clinton investigation ended or …

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She’s also received several offers to do a TV show since she was fired.

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In what many military leaders are calling unprecedented and unethical, National Security Advisor H R McMaster worked for a foreign think tank. McMaster served as a consultant to the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, a foreign-based think-tank that has received funding from hostile foreign governments to include Russia and China. Other countries that funded the think tank …

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