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Federal employees should be held just as accountable as private sector workers.

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Considering the zeal the FBI and DOJ has displayed when going after Trump with no evidence, you would think they would nail Hillary

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This video is going viral and has been recommended by Julian Assange.

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Is this reaching or could there be something to it?

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This is truly a game changer. The FBI planted a spy in the Trump campaign and it’s that spy that the DOJ will not give up any information on. The House Republicans have found out that during the same time that Barack Obama was spying electronically on candidate Trump, the FBI Deep State had a …

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The stakes are about to change for Rosenstein.

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President Donald Trump resisted the siren songs of the Deep State and is including all the names the Deep State wanted to be redacted. What good is the memo if names aren’t named? None. That’s the way our president sees it too. He is refusing to give the guilty cover. Some conservatives are siding with …

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