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Bette Midler may be a great singer but there seems to be a disconnect between her brain and her mouth. On top of that, she is suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. After former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, plea bargained with Mueller she seemed to think it will lead to Russian collusion. In the first place, …

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Worse than spending 6 days at the Alamo would be spending half a minute inside Whoopi Goldberg’s brain. For some inexplicable reason, she seems to think Trump’s run-in with the American press is responsible for Khashoggi being killed. People have met violent deaths in relation to Saudi Arabia for the past 274 years, so why …

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Sooner or later, a real decision has to be made… right?

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Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty went on a rampage on Friday, shooting at police in at least three locations before being shot and killed in his last confrontation. Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said that there is no doubt that El-Mofty was targeting police officers but declined to say if it was terrorism. What we do know …

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