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Former Deputy Independent Counsel, Sol Wisenberg, body slams Eric Holder over his comments about AG Bill Barr. This past weekend, Eric Holder, the second worst AG of all time (Lynch is first) ran his mouth about active AG Bill Barr over his quest for justice, which is really the last thing any Democrat wants because …

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AWOL Jeff Sessions selected Obama appointee John Huber, to investigate the Obama administrations spying on Trump and the corruption at the FBI and the DOJ. He has done nothing. He is just running out the clock. The names of the people have been changed to protect the guilty. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have become …

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Penn is not the first person to say that Mueller has picked fruit from the poisonous tree.

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There are so many people contradicting each other that sooner or later, someone is going to roll to either avoid prison or to get a much shorter sentence.

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