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The more we learn about dirty cop, Robert Mueller, the more we see just how politically motivated he truly was. The latest case in point is that we now know that Mueller paid outside groups 732k but won’t reveal who got the money. This becomes even more suspicious after there was speculation that Mueller had …

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So, Hillary Clinton was planning a coup and that could be why she didn’t concede on election night. Obviously, Hillary was the only Democrat in America that thought she was going to lose. Steele made the claim in court filings he made in Great Britain, where he is being sued by Alpha Bank and three …

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Seems like Donald Trump is the only one without connections to Russia…

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It is no accident that all of these people trying to infiltrate Trump’s campaign or to smear his campaign workers are informants of the FBI and the DOJ. Time to drain those two swamps.

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It would be difficult to believe that Hillary didn’t know what her bestest buddy was doing.

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The plot thickens. Reporter Sara Carter is reporting that Sen Chuck Grassley hinted that Cody Shearer who is a close associate of Sidney Blumenthal and former hatchet man for the Clintons specializing in dirty tricks used on Bill Clinton’s victims, was feeding Christopher Steele information. This is huge. The Shearer dossier has a lot of …

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