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Michael Avenatti’s accuser told her story to the judge, who will be determining whether she will get a restraining order against the creepy lawyer. The alleged victim, Mareli Miniutti, is an actress who has gotten bit parts in some big movies and she is from Estonia and is half of Avenatti’s age. She has been living …

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Tucker Carlson and his daughter were at the country club when a man sitting at the bar called his daughter a c*#t and a w*^#e. The man has since been banned from the club for life. He is now suing Tucker Carlson for assault and Avenatti released a video that shows Carlson did nothing. This …

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An Oregon based reporter was filming the Abolish ICE protest in Portland when she was assaulted by one of their thugs that lacked the cojones to attack a male over the age of six or under the age of 70. Not that I dislike the Abolish ICE crowd. They could very well tip some elections …

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I hate to have to be the one to tell you, Bill, but there was never a time when your actions were acceptable.

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