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Antifa, was at it again this weekend as they violently attack the Christian group, the Portland Patriot Prayer group. Antifa brought bottles, rocks, and mace to use in attacking the prayer vigil. To Antifa’s horror, some decided to fight back and in the case of one skinny would be terrorist, it did not turn out …

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Like to see them try and pull this where I live!

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In April, the Antifa terrorists will hold a three-day conference in Arizona. One of the workshops deals with an armed offense. Antifa is a domestic terror group that specializes in attacking women and old men and occasionally a young man as long as they outnumber him 10-1. They also take part in vandalism. They will …

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The lawsuit that was filed by James Damore against Google for discrimination against white male conservatives has exposed the fact that Google employees not only supported a terrorist group but that they endorsed violence as well. It also shows that Google didn’t mind those comments but did go after anyone whose opinions differed from the …

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He claims that THIS will scare President Donald Trump.

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