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Antifa is at it again in Portland thanks to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s absolute tolerance of the domestic terror group. He orders the police to stand down and they and the citizens of Portland are at the mercy of these thugs. During the latest debacle, one member of the group got right up in the face …

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Perhaps members of Antifa will finally find themselves in serious trouble as the DC police are investigating the vandalism at Carlson’s home as a hate crime. They are calling it “anti-political”. They were able to determine that by signs found on the front door and on the cars parked in the driveway, as well as …

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I have a question about this. In Portland,are they referred to as dildos or as Mini Mes? I have to question their sanity. Why are they using dildos as props? Or are they bringing them for recreational purposes? Allegedly, the dildos represent people who come into Portland and not to Portland residents themselves. It is …

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The NYC police have released a video that shows antifa fighting some Proud Boys  the GOP offices in Manhattan. It shows antifa busting out windows and defacing an historic building. They are also looking for members of the Proud Boys and antifa, so they can arrest them for the altercation took place at the Republican …

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A fascist is someone who attacks people who don’t agree with them, right?

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When are these cities going to shut down Antifa?

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They refuse to say which incidents they are probing but there have been SO MANY!

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