Woman Charged Over Fight With Pregnant Teen

Celena Troupe, 34, 5’8’ and 200 lbs AND convicted felon, has been arrested on felony child abuse charges for allegedly encouraging her 16-year-old daughter to fight a pregnant teen girl, yelling “beat her a**” as her daughter threw punches. Troupe also knew that the teen girl was pregnant and made no efforts to to stop or restrain her daughter during the 2-3 minute altercation.

In an interview, Troupe told TSG that while she did direct her child to “beat her ass,” the pregnant girl “hit my daughter first.” Troupe contended that her daughter was initially jumped on a school bus home, and that the confrontation continued after the students exited the bus (which is when Troupe met up with her child). “They hit my baby first,” said Troupe. “We were the victims.”

It’s unclear if anyone was injured during the brawl. The shocking video shared to Facebook of the fight captures the two girls punching each other in the head and pulling hair.

Adults who were nearby appear not to step in to break them up. The fight ended with one of the girls getting into an SUV that was waiting and leaving the scene.

Troupe has previously served two separate prison terms in Florida. Her most recent time spent behind bars ended in April 2013. Roughly three months following her release, Troupe was arrested for escorting without a license in Georgia.

This is insane and completely and totally unjustifiable. I’m sure to them they had every reason to fight this pregnant girl but sometimes it’s better to be the bigger person and just walk away, right? Especially in this sort of situation. Who knows what unforeseeable ramifications this could have on her pregnancy.

On the flip side, and not to go “victim blaming” by any means… this pregnant teenager should perhaps pick her battles, her words, and maybe even her attitude more wisely.