Two Seniors Get Jumped – Recused By Transgender Trump Support

Two grandmothers, Cheryl Bowen and Lee Gayer Robbins, along with their friend, a transgender conservative, Edie Dixon, were walking to the parking lot as they were leaving the riot scene caused by domestic terrorists Antifa.

Just before they got into the lot, they were jumped by a group of domestic terrorists who tried to steal their flags and their signs. One Antifa girl is known by Lee Robbins and she kept taunting her. They blew their whistles and asked two guys in a white pickup for help, but all they did was tell the cowardly Antifas to stop attacking the elderly women.

From The Gateway Pundit

Bowen tells The Gateway Pundit: “We were almost to the parking garage. These Antifa, one was masked, the other Lee knew. The girl called Lee by name, taunting her in a weird voice. “Oh Lee what you doing?” she was saying. Then one of them grabbed the flag out of my hand. Edie stepped in a tug of war and they jumped on Edie and start punching her. Lee was blowing her whistle and I was telling the guys in the white pickup, “Call 911.  We need help.”  That one Antifa girl was saying, “Lee, where are your bodyguards now?”

Robbins describes the incident as:

“We were walking the two blocks back to Cheryl ’s car. Just the three of us; Me, Cheryl, and Edie. Passed small groups of Antifa. I smiled and nodded at a big fat girl, and she hissed “Fucking bitches.” Right at the garage, a young unmasked pretty girl swooped up from behind us and said, “Oh Lee, how are you? It’s so nice to see you. Where’s your guards?” And then she made a nasty comment to Edie. The tall, skinny Antifa, young kid with her didn’t say anything. Then we turned to go in the garage and she said, “Oh is this where you’re parked?” As Cheryl turned, she grabbed my Patriot Malheur Flag out of Cheryl’s hand and started to run.

And like a flash Edie jumped in, and then the two of them took Edie down to the curb and the fur was flying. 2 hats, wigs, and electric smokers. All I could think was to blow the whistle someone had given me, to call for help. So I stood there and blew the whistle. Cheryl and I both hollered at two guys in a car to help us. No one did. They just hollered at Antifa to leave us alone. I just saw a big pile with Edie at the bottom.

Bowen commented on that post, Edie Dixon was Super Women. Took down three of the she-devils. Couldn’t believe the hate they were spewing. Thank you Edie we are safe home now.

Edie Dixon added, I’m so happy Cheryl Ellis Bowen. You and Lee have been everything to me, I wasn’t going to let anybody attack you even if it meant getting beat up myself.

At least they know who one of the attackers are so the police have no excuse for not arresting her.

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