Senator Brown: Give Amnesty to Every Illegal With an American’s Job

Sherrod Brown of Ohio says that the United States must stop enforcing immigration laws immediately and that the taxpayers must repair (pay for) the damage done to those whose only crime is invading our country illegally. He says that every illegal that has a job that should rightfully go to an American must receive amnesty.

Brown is a member in good standing of the Open Borders Club. He is also against people who use the drug cartel’s method of entering the country by using children to set off the Flores Catch and Release program.

From Breitbart News

Brown also urged the federal government to accept the cartels’ strategy of using children to help smuggle migrants into U.S. jobs. The migrants’ children trigger the Flores catch-and-release loophole, so allowing the migrants to get through the border, get a job, and pay their smuggling debts to the cartels.

“Perhaps the most divisive thing in our society now is what our government did to rip these children from their families at the border,” Brown said. “The worst part of the immigration issue … is snatching children from their families on the border.”

In May, President Donald Trump adopted a policy of detaining migrants for trial while sheltering their children at residential-like facilities. Trump ended that policy but is debating whether to adopt a modified version of the policy.

Wages are rising in this country because the supply of cheap labor is being squeezed out. Truckers and manufacturing workers ar benefitting the most and we are now past the Obama era of stifling wage increases through open border policies.

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