Sacramento Pastor Getting Bashed For Talking To President Trump

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux of the Calvary Christian Center is catching grief because he spoke to President Trump and…gasp…complimented him for the hope he has given to black workers. The unemployment rate among blacks is at the lowest point that it has ever been at.

The gap between the unemployment and blacks are now at it’s lowest point in history. Some of the members of his church who have drunk massive commodities of Kool-Aid are complaining because. They say Trump’s policies are bad for people of color. That is not true at all. His policies hurt illegal aliens but not Black Americans.

From CBS Local

Goodeaux was one of more than a dozen black religious leaders on hand for a roundtable discussion on prison reform and criminal justice. One of the participants praised Trump as the most pro-black president.

Goodeaux also spokes out.

“I guess the greatest word I can say to you Mr. President is that you have given this country expectations, given us a new hope, new excitement to believe that things are getting better and are going to get better and we appreciate that leadership, your tenacity and you keep pushing,” he said.

Community activist Nikki Whitfield woke up to news of the White House meeting.

“I was deeply disturbed and disappointed to actually see him at that table,” she said.

Nikki Whitfield said:

“The agencies I work with are dealing with consistent budget cuts and everything this administration can do to put our people in further bondage.”

This is literally a lie because there was a budget increase of 1.3 trillion. Million dollars, most of which went to plans. So how does she get to the point that it was a cut?

Simple. Democrats wanted to raise domestic spending by 1.1 trillion dollars but they only got a 711 million dollar increase. Liberals consider that a cut.