Ronan Farrow Further Disproves Deborah Ramirez’s Accusations

Until now, Julie Ramirez did have one witness who claimed her accusations were truthful, but that witness was second hand and he had no personal knowledge of the incident himself. When he finally named the person he claims told him about the incident, “the witness” said he has no such recollection of any such incident.

In fact, all of Ramirez’s witnesses, including her best friend are siding with Kavanaugh. Ramirez is a Democratic activist, as is her lawyers. They now claim they have 20 witnesses. I don’t know if that includes the six that already bombed out or not.

From Breitbart News

To begin with, Ramirez admits she was quite drunk that night. She also told the New Yorker that for 35 years she could not remember who exposed himself to her, at least until 1) Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, and 2) she sat down for six days with her lawyer (a Democrat politician) to refresh her memory.

She spent six days with a lawyer? Who is paying for this?

Ramirez, whom the New Yorker describes as an activist Democrat, admits she has “significant gaps in her memories of the evening,” and that at the party she “became inebriated” and “was on the floor, foggy and slurring her words.”

Moreover, just as we have seen in the now-debunked allegations coming from Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick, all the witnesses named by Ramirez to back up her account come down on the side of Kavanaugh.

No one remembers the incident. Farrow spoke to five former classmates who should have been able to corroborate Ramirez’s claim, and all five, including Ramirez’s best friend at the time, say they do not remember it. More than one says they do not believe Brett Kavanaugh would have ever done such a thing.


  1. Just before she fingered Kavanaugh, Ramirez was telling classmates she could not be certain it was Kavanaugh.
  2. Ramirez admits her drinking that night clouded her memory.
  3. Only after six days of talking to her attorney, a Democrat politician, was Ramirez able to remember it was Kavanaugh.
  4. Every single one of Ramirez’s so-called witnesses sides with Kavanaugh.
  5. The only so-called corroboration Ramirez had was a guy who heard about the incident from someone else.
  6. That someone else says he has no memory of the incident.
  7. Ramirez is a Democrat activist.

All of these accusers have named corroborating witnesses, none of who have corroborated them. See a pattern here?

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