Protest Experiment Shows Republicans True Colors [Video]

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz took to the streets during the campaign trail where he plays both sides against each other. The idea of the experiment is to show which side was truly “tolerant”.

And wouldn’t you know it! Republicans or “right-wingers” had much more tolerance than those on the left.

Isn’t the left supposed to be all about tolerance, understanding, “talking it out” sort of ideology? Well… this experiment that Horowitz cooked up does exactly what it was supposed to do. It’s pretty short, only two minutes, but I enjoyed every second of it.

At an RNC convention, he had attendees cracking tasteful jokes, taking selfies with him, giving him high fives and proclaiming that God still loved him.

ENTER A DNC Convention. Horowitz is cussed out, spit on, surrounded by a mob that only seeks to shut him down by nearly any means necessary all the while spewing the fake news crap that the left blindly follows.

The video does contain some strong language, so watch at your own risk.

As reported by Chase Stephens for The Daily Wire:

Horowitz is then called, “F**king f**ktard” by someone who most likely would be for stoning anyone who dared use the politically incorrect term of “retarded.” But like most liberals, he’s morally superior so the PC rules they created don’t apply to themselves.

“Take that sh*t down!,” “F**k Trump,” “That’s racism,” are all hurled at him while he’s just standing there holding a sign and calmly advocating for his candidate in a public place.

“Alright man, whatever. Free speech, right,” Ami answers back, but of course, free speech to those folks is a one-way street.

And like clockwork, he’s basically called racist and then chastised by, what sounds like a white guy, for the “litany of [his] privilege.”

“Trump trying to send us back to Africa or something,” one woman passionately tells Ami, adding, “You’re not looking at it from our perspective.”

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