Police Arrest 16 Antifa Members Protesting the Police

About 75 Antifa members made an appearance at a Blue Lives Matter event in Philadelphia and 16 of them were arrested. What started out as a nice day when the citizens of the city were afforded the opportunity to support the police, who protect them day after day.

The Antifa people showed up. It’s easy to tell when that happens because the smell of grandma’s basement begins wafting through the air and the protesters are desperately searching for a street food vendor that accepts EBT cards. Antifa began chanting, “Kill one cop, then kill some more.”

From The Daily Caller

Sixteen Antifa members were arrested in Philadelphia during a counter-protest on Saturday morning.

They were protesting against a Blue Lives Matter rally that was taking place in the same vicinity.

Philadelphia Police Department told CBS 3 that there were approximately 75 Antifa protesters in total. Multiple protest goers clashed with police officers. Of the 16 people arrested, nine were issued citations while seven were charged with disorderly conduct.

From @WHYY News: “First arrests have been made as Blue Lives Matter supporters and counter-protesters rally in Center City”

“Protestors are now surrounding a police car. Chants about killing police have continued”

Then they went to Twitter, asking for help with bail: “Antifascists in Philly shut down a fascist March today. Unfortunately, we had 11 arrests occur in the process. Please send bail money to @occupyphl if you can”

When are these cities going to shut down Antifa and others of their ilk before people start dying? Probably as long as the Democrats have their backs.

What they’re doing is counter-productive and yet they still don’t seem to understand that. I don’t think they ever will… not while they have leaders who are calling for militant action, to force their “their way” on us… hypocrites.

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