One New York Bar’s Dress Code Is Being Called “Racist” – Sparks Online Debate

One bar in Rochester New York is being deemed as “racist” after a local posted a photo of the watering hole’s dress code to his Facebook page.

While speaking to Yahoo News he stated: “it immediately struck a chord.” Though I personally have to wonder why it “struck a chord” with them. “I post a lot of stuff on Facebook, so I thought a few of my friends would chime in,” he says. “But what happened next I was not expecting.

Now the post has hundreds of comments which has apparently outraged several people, calling the dress code racist. This, despite the fact that it clearly is meant as a more upscale ideal.


According to Yahoo! Lifestyle:

“Code for no black people,” one person wrote. “Racist. Hands-down,” said another.

“Not that hard can get a whole outfit that looks good at Macy’s for like $80,” one commenter wrote.

“My problem isn’t the dress code. It’s the fact that Murphy’s Law only enforces the dress code for people of color,” someone pointed out. “I tried to go there a few years back and they denied me entrance because of my outfit but there was a group of white people that had on similar outfits like the one I had on.”

Smith says the response to his post is a clear indication that further action needs to take place.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” he says. “The comments streamed in. People were very passionate about it on either side of the spectrum. To me, the act of posting that dress code, without any prompting, and seeing the response which ensued, warrants a change.”

The bar posted a response to their social media, hoping to clear up the mess that these hippies have made:

“Our dress code policy was put into place 9 years ago. The dress code was adopted after reviewing what many other successful bars, clubs & restaurants from around the area and country had already put in place. We have been a big part of the East End and Rochester community for over 9 years and are looking forward to many more. Murphy’s Law and our employees welcome all patrons local and out of town through our doors”