NBC, Amazon Writer Openly Promotes White Genocide – She Hopes It “Happens Faster”

Okay. I never get white writers and professors who want white genocide. Why don’t they do something to further their goal like stepping in front of a bus or diving off a cliff 120 miles from the nearest water?

White genocide is like the weather. Everyone talks about it but no one ever does anything about it. The latest nimrod to wish for white genocide (WG) is Taylor Cox is a writer for NBC, Amazon and Cartoon Network. NBC and Amazon I get but Cartoon Network? I didn’t know they hired the seriously disturbed. I will be seriously disappointed if Cartoon Network doesn’t fire her. I would be seriously surprised if NBC and Amazon did.

“Writer for NBC, Amazon and Cartoon Network is publicly advocating for white genocide. Why is she not fired yet, are these in line with your values”

From my good buddy, Joe Newby at the Conservative Firing Line

On Monday, Taylor Cox, a Twitter user who claims to be a writer for NBC, Amazon and Cartoon Network, issued a tweet in which she expressed despair that the extinction of the white race isn’t happening fast enough to suit her.  Cox, according to her profile picture on Twitter, appears to be white.

“[T]he only anxiety i have about white extinction is that it’s not happening faster,” she wrote on Twitter.  The tweet is not available to the general public because Cox protected her account, but the message has been archived and can still be seen here.

“@PrimeVideoIN to my horror I learned that you employ a racist named Taylor Cox. This “writer” tweeted FOR the genocide of an entire race. My family will no longer be watching any of your content as long as she is employed by you. She must be fired! (not suspended, reprimanded…)”

“@nbc, @AmazonVideo, @cartoonnetwork, @DreamWorksTV, @ucbtla, @Reductress Your employee, Taylor Cox is wishing for the accelerated extinction of a group based on skin color. I would squash this now before little and big chan get too worked up. #WhiteExtinction”

“Hey NBC, why do you employ people (Taylor Cox) who call for the genocide of entire races? Time to @walkaway.”

Hey Taylor, I just heard a song on the radio that may give you an idea:

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