MUST HEAR: Audio From Inside DNC Meeting When Kennedy Announced Retirement

Ever wonder what hell sounds like with all those suffering souls who led lives that condemned them to that fiery place? Well then, check this audio from a meeting of the DNC when it was announced that Justice Kennedy was retiring.

It is similar to those in hell because the Democrats under Harry Reid decided to use the nuclear option for judges, probably thinking they would always be in control. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. As you listen to the wails and moans from the Democrats try not to wet your pants from laughter. It’s Hillarious.

“DNC conference call has people going “Oh My God” after Donna Brazille announces the Kennedy news”

“How it sounded inside a DNC committee meeting the moment Justice Kennedy’s retirement was announced”

The good news is that those Democrats got some really good practice for their afterlife.

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