“Believe All Women” Movement Cost Man Two Years of His Life

I never believe the woman. It’s a sad thing to say but the growing evidence is that women lie about sexual assaults as a way to get revenge, because there is rarely any consequences if they do.

But for the men, even after they have been vindicated, they are the losers. The most recent example is from the University of Cincinnati. In the lawsuit, the principals were referred to as John Doe and Jane Roe. They had met on Tinder and had sex in Doe’s apartment. After he never called her again, she went to the university and accused Doe of sexual assault.

In what has become common practice in universities these days, Doe was not allowed to defend himself and all the information in the university’s kangaroo court came from Jane Roe. He never had a chance.

He was suspended from school and the assault prevented him from enrolling elsewhere. But now, two years later, he has won in court and the university will have to pay his lawyer bills, but he didn’t get a dime, but he lost two years of his life and Jane Roe gets off with no punishment.

From The Conservative Tribune

The sexual encounter in question happened in September 2015. Doe and Roe had met on Tinder and ended up having sex in Doe’s apartment. Doe said the sex was consensual.

A month after the encounter, Roe reported it as an assault to school officials. Doe was not informed of the allegations until February 2016.

After a hearing in which Doe was not allowed to cross-examine Roe, her witnesses or the officials who originally compiled the report, Doe was found “responsible.” After Doe’s appeal, which was denied, he was suspended in December 2016. It was then that he pursued legal action.

Fortunately for Doe, he ultimately won this battle. The settlement with his school included $47,152 in attorneys’ fees, an end of his suspension, the dropping of all disciplinary sanctions and having the “responsible” tag expunged from his record.

But even this victory comes at a steep price. The settlement agreement was signed last month. The original allegations happened in 2015 and the suspension was in 2016. That’s well over two years of suffering and pain that Doe dealt with based on nothing more than unsubstantiated allegations.

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