Misguided Antifa Member Took On The Wrong Girl – That’s Going To Leave A Mark

Antifa members are without a doubt the snowflakes of the world, trying to be very selective in who they attack. Kids under 5 and adults over 80 are their preferred targets. Even better if they are in a wheelchair.

In Portland, Oregon an Antifa member decided that picking on a young girl would be fairly safe. He lost that bet. She wailed the living tar out of him. The fight was totally one-sided. The day was filled with riots and there were a few arrests. Have you ever noticed that Antifa never shows up to -protest rallies in conservative cities? That’s no accident. They know better than to riot in a city that doesn’t favor scum like them.

From The Conservative Tribune

During a clash between Patriot Prayer, Antifa, and a far-right group called the Proud Boys, all hell broke loose… but footage of a female Patriot member not just holding her own but physically dominating an Antifa goon shows that the radical left may have bitten off more than it can chew.

“#Antifa would like you to refrain from making this into a GIF and using it all the time,” wrote Adam Richard on Twitter, along with a short clip of the altercation. “It’s not good for their image when their [Antifa] ‘soldiers’ get the s–t kicked out of them by Patriot Women. #PatriotPrayer.”

You can view his tweet and the video clip here. Be advised:  The fistfight is violent — and decidedly one-sided.

#Antifa would like you to refrain from making this into a GIF and using it all the time. It’s not good for their image when their “soldiers” get the shit kicked out of them by Patriot Women.”

Here is a longer clip of that day’s riot:

You have to wonder… what in the world this person was thinking. Does she believe her delusional self-righteousness will protect her from someone ready and willing to defend themselves?

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