Mexico’s New President Plans His Own Southern Border Wall And Better Security

Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will be facing some big problems when he takes over on December 1st. Probably none as large as illegal immigration. We know how devastating it has been for us but it’s been tough on Mexico, which explains why they have often helped illegals get across our Southern border.

Obrador plans on creating an elite force that will concentrate on border security both on their Northern and Southern border. Many of the illegals coming into the United States originate in Central America.

From The Blaze

For years, Mexico has been plagued with high levels of illegal immigration on its southern border. Migrants traveling north from war-torn Central America have at times overwhelmed Mexican authorities.

And while most of the migrants use the border as a gateway toward a better life, others use it to smuggle drugs and weapons, which amounts to a major problem for cartel-controlled Mexico.

But that’s all allegedly going to change with the upcoming administration.

Alfonso Durazo, Lopez Obrador’s future chief of public security, said in an interview with Bloombergpublished Monday that the border police force is part of a larger effort to ease cartel violence, overwhelming poverty, and state-supported corruption.

Durazo said: “We’re going to create a border police force that will be highly specialized. They need to apply the law.”

The new force will also be used to stop human trafficking. Obrador wants to help Central American countries to prosper and thus end the need to migrate. He also needs to find a way to bust up the cartels that have cut deeply into their tourist business. The undertaking will be an arduous one and will take quite some time, but the rewards are great.

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