Merkel’s “Stern” Words On Trump Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

I feel like she called us “deplorable” in this exchange about President Donald Trump’s decision to possibly leave the Paris Climate Accords. And yet I feel like someone who is having such an issue with her countries immigration policies and essential threat of constant “terror threats” really has no room to even speak on the matter.

As written for The Daily Wire by Michael Qazvini:

As Germany reels from its imprudent immigration policies and consequent terrorism threats, Chancellor Angela Merkel used her international platform at the G20 summit in Hamburg to wax philosophic about climate change. With the European Union disintegrating before her eyes, Merkel chose to lecture America about what she saw as its ill-advised decision to leave the Paris Climate change agreement.

“Unfortunately — and I deplore this — the United States of America left the climate agreement, or rather announced their intention of doing this,” Merkel stated in a closing speech at the G20 summit over the weekend.

Labeling the deal as binding, the German Chancellor insisted that the deal that was ratified in Paris by the previous American administration was irreversible, despite the fact that a new president had assumed office in Washington.

Merkel Bashes Trump’s Decision To Leave Paris Climate Change Agreement: ‘I Deplore This’

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