What makes Antifa cry?! Apparently THIS!

Trevor Noah, of The Daily Show, described Antifa, the extreme alt-left movement, as “Vegan ISIS” this week along with an array of other jokes at the organizations expensive. Maybe some of the Liberal Left are seeing them for what they are?

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Noah’s jokes follow the establishment media’s change in stance towards the extremist movement, which earned widespread ire following violence in Berkeley last weekend. During the protest, random onlookers, conservatives, and journalists were assaulted by gangs of black-clad “anti-fascists.” The group even went after a comedian dressed as a popcorn vendor, deeming him a capitalist.

Naturally, members of Antifa and their left-wing sympathizers did not take Noah’s jokes lightly. From accusations of Nazi sympathizing to all-out death threats, leftists are upset by the comedian’s right to tell jokes.

For too long the Liberal Left has let these wayward wannabe militant souls get away with too much. It’s actually nice seeing a liberal program like The Daily Show finally call these kids out. Maybe… just maybe… there’s hope for this country yet? Given the recent denouncing of Antifa by Nancy Pelosi… there just may be.

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