Maine Professor BANNED After Extreme Political Ideology Display FAILED

A liberal professor, who arranged a trip to Washington to protest Sen Susan Collins during the Kavanaugh debacle has been banned from teaching on any of their campuses after she arranged an unauthorized trip to Washington to protest Collins for 1-hour credit.

The University said that they expect other universities in the state to follow their lead. President Glenn Cummings announced the university’s decision on Prof Dr. Susan Feiner after he learned that she had offered students a credit for participating in a protest for her personal ideology. They have  said they will not honor the credit offered by Feiner,

From Fox News

“We are embarrassed by and apologize for the rogue behavior of a former colleague,” Cummings said in a statement obtained by the newspaper.

“In response to her inappropriate actions, Dr. Susan Feiner has been notified that she is now barred from teaching at the University of Southern Maine, a prohibition that will be upheld by the other campuses of the University of Maine system as well.”

The university said that the one-credit course was arranged without knowledge or consent and that no school funds were used to support the trip.

Cummings said in his statement that Feiner used the “unauthorized” course as a way to advance her “personal political agenda.”

Feiner said in a text message to the Press Herald that she would not challenge the school’s ruling because she is “retired.”

“It’s USM’s loss,” she wrote.

I’m sure the university is all broken up about losing an unhinged liberal professor. But I’m sure they have plenty more they can count on.

More from Press Herald:

On Wednesday, Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage praised USM’s move to ban Feiner.

“President Glenn Cummings and the University of Maine System showed true integrity in dealing with this situation swiftly. We are very pleased to see immediate, and forceful, action taken on this matter,” Savage said in an email. “I personally extend my gratitude to President Cummings and those involved in addressing this situation.”

In a text message Wednesday, Feiner said she did not plan to challenge the university’s decision: “Why? I’m retired. It’s USM’s loss,” she wrote, adding that she was “disappointed” and that “hundreds of thousands (of dollars) in planned giving is gone.”

Their loss? HAHA more like their win!

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