Keurig CEO Speaks About The Counter-Boycott From Patriots

So Media Matters president Angelo Carusone took the time this weekend to contact several sponsors of Sean Hannity in a misguided attempted to get them to pull their support from his show after they claim he took up for Senate candidate Roy Moore after allegations of him dating underage girls came to light.

The problem is that Sean Hannity flat out stated that if the allegations against Moore are true then he has no place in politics. So this weird little witch hunt really holds no weight.

To Keurig, in particular, he tweeted: “Good afternoon @Keurig. You are currently sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show. He defends child molester Roy Moore and attacks women who speak out against sexual harassment. Please reconsider.”

This caused Keurig to remove their advertising from Hannity’s program and publicly state: “Angelo, thank you for your concern and for bringing this to our attention. We worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show”

So Carusone’s ploy worked and apparently a few other advertisers have pulled their ads as well.

A backlash against Keurig ensued, with several of their customers stating that they will boycott the coffee brand in all its form and some even posted videos of them literally, actually, smashing their Keurig machines.

Here’s a video compilation of some… and feel free to turn down the audio as the music attached is annoying!

This response at least got the attention of the CEO for Keurig and it prompted him to write a letter to his employees apologizing for making it public.

The following was leaked to The Washing Post:

“The decision to publicly communicate our programming decision via our Twitter account was highly unusual,” Gamgort wrote. “This gave the appearance of ‘taking sides’ in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on Twitter and beyond over the weekend, which was not our intent.”

This is where I officially get P*ssed off. First off, your company did take a side. Secondly, read between the lines here a bit, folks… he would have pulled the ads and we would have been none the wiser. That’s what gets me.

Ultimately, I’m glad it was public. You see how these folks are smashing their machines? THAT’S HOW YOU PROTEST! See how the CEO himself responded? THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT! Honestly, the alt-left could take a page from these patriots.

As reported by Amber Athey for The Daily Caller:

Media Matters president Angelo Carusone spent his weekend tweeting at Hannity’s advertisers and falsely accusing the Fox News host of defending sexual predators. Hannity has said repeatedly that Senate candidate Roy Moore has no place in politics if the allegations that he is a predator are true.


Hannity fans pledged to counter-boycott Keurig in response, and many began posting videos to Twitter of them smashing their Keurig coffee machines.

Gamgort assured the employees that it was outside of protocol for Keurig to announce the ad pulls on Twitter and would make sure “this never happens again.”

“I apologize for any negativity you experienced as a result of this situation and assure you that we will learn and improve going forward,” he stated.